Li Lin

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He is an associate professor of percussion music and deputy director of art practice department of conservatory of music of Fujian Normal University. He is a member of American percussion Artists Association, executive director of China percussion Association, director of Chinese national percussion Association and President of Fujian percussion Association. Judge of the third (2011) and fourth (2012) China International Percussion competition. In 2009, at the invitation of the American percussion Artists Association, he participated in the 34th World percussion Congress (PASiC) organized by the American percussion Artists Association. He was the only Chinese performer who performed at the concert.

In 2007, he founded the "Kungfu percussion Orchestra" of the Conservatory of music of Fujian Normal University, and led the percussion orchestra to participate in several music festivals and art festivals representing a leading part of China's music industry. "Fuzhou Contemporary International Chamber Music Festival"; "Shanghai Conservatory of music 80th Anniversary Concert Series"; National College of music and Art Percussion competition (first prize); Beijing Modern Music Festival sponsored by Central Conservatory of music; special concert of Kungfu percussion Orchestra in New Year "; Percussion Concert of" dazzle · move "; Beijing Shanghai Fujian Taiwan Contemporary Art Festival and the 5th China National Music Festival International Percussion competition, special concert of Art Festival, etc. It is a series of works by Professor Wen Deqing: "Elegy", "rock spirit", "self talk" and American composer Alexandre lunsque“ Entresons.Recreo ”"Sailing for" by French composer Eric Sammut The Chinese Premiere of modern percussion works such as "Phil" is also the first performing group invited to perform in the concert hall of Central Conservatory of music and he Lvting Concert Hall of Shanghai Conservatory of music.

In 2016, Fuzhou "Mindu drum Orchestra" was established. In May 2016, it will hold a series of "Silk Road reverberation" concerts with Japanese performers such as Fukuda Huijiu (Chiba), chushiwubang (Sanxian), yanzuo Hezhang (Shimo Pipa), respectively in Fuzhou, Xiamen.