A band supported by great love

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Sixty four sun tanned freshmen and sophomores of senior high school, wearing beautiful team uniforms embroidered with Qiang patterns, formed a band of eight pipes. In the Pujiang cruise fleet after the opening of the "Shanghai Spring" wind Festival yesterday morning, the trumpet sound from the wind band of Beichuan middle school floated from the fifth ship, attracting the audience's attention. In the afternoon, in the Zhengda Gymnasium of Fudan University, these young people gathered under the leadership of Dong Qiang, the leader and commander, to participate in the "China Cup" Chinese non professional excellent (marching) wind band team performance, and sweat on.

After a famous foreign song "tiger" with strong rhythm, the well-known "singing the motherland" began. There is only one saxophone on the field, affectionately blowing out the main melody Who would have thought that this emotional performance came from a team that had been in the army for less than two years? In the words of Mr. Dong Qiang, this is a "Band supported by great love".

In 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Beichuan middle school suffered heavy casualties. In the pain and depression, music came. Dong Qiang, who was transferred to Beichuan middle school as a music teacher that year, remembers that Zhou Shibin, vice president of the Conservatory of music of Capital Normal University, arrived in Beichuan middle school with a "music therapy" team a few days after the earthquake. "There are no musical instruments. Let his students in Mianyang Normal University try to borrow a saxophone, but the head of the flute is still crooked. Students, listen to "go home" Among the great pains, Guan music has become a close partner in comforting people's spiritual world. "

In September of that year, Capital Normal University donated a number of wind instruments to Beichuan middle school. A month later, teacher Xu Shilian, a 60 year old musical instrument manufacturing and maintenance expert, came by himself and stayed for more than 10 days to teach the first batch of children to play "I and you". Although the parts are uneven, the melodious ensemble rings out on the ruins.

"From November 2008 to April 2011, Capital Normal University sent two to four teachers and graduate students every month to help Beichuan middle school train wind instruments; in May 2011, experts from the PLA military band came to give lectures; after that, Tianjin Jinbao musical instrument company donated a number of musical instruments After reviewing and integrating the instruments donated several times, Beichuan middle school, under the guidance of Dr. Li Tianchi of Sichuan Conservatory of music, finally established its own orchestra in July the year before last After meeting Rong Aiguo, director of the marching Orchestra of the PLA military band, the orchestra began to move from the auditorium to the basketball court last autumn, and began to rehearse marching wind music which pays more attention to team spirit, spirit and spirit.

In the eyes of small musicians in Beichuan middle school, the weight of music is heavy. Tang Xiaoyang, who is in charge of the black pipe, said: "I was lucky to escape the disaster in the sixth grade of the earthquake. I know what music means in a ruin. It teaches us to be strong.