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Tianjin Jinbao musical instrument Co., Ltd. is an industrial manufacturing import and export enterprise. The main products are copper wind instruments, woodwind instruments, jazz drum, military drum, musical instrument bracket, instrument bag and other six series of 368 varieties. The company covers an area of 120000 square meters, with a construction area of 100000 square meters. The company has a product technology research and development center and percussion instrument branch factory, woodwind instrument branch factory, copper wind instrument branch factory and electroplating branch factory. There are 2000 employees in the company, including 95 technical personnel with middle and senior professional titles, 52 foreign experts. The company has strong technical force and advanced production equipment. It passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2000 and implemented ER in 2003 P information management engineering.

Key recommendations
  • Professional teacher training

    American blue magic teacher training, Jinbao marching wind music teacher training, malimba teacher training

  • Jinbao culture and art training school

    Jinbao culture and art training school is subordinate to Jinbao musical instrument company and a comprehensive art training school integrating instrumental music, vocal music and dance.

  • Industry seminar

    The purpose of the industry seminar is to enhance mutual understanding, exchange and cooperation between experts and scholars, and promote the development of the industry.

  • DCA Asian marching drum Union

    Drum corps Asia Asian marching drum Union (DCA). It aims to unite Asian countries and regions and promote the development and progress of Asian progressive art.

  • Professional musical instrument exhibition at home and abroad

    Jinbao Musical Instrument Exhibition review over the years!! Enhance the brand, but also better communicate with the world.

  • Jinbao International Music Festival

    Jinbao International Music Festival is an audio-visual feast, which provides a platform for instrumental music education and development and promotes international cultural exchange.

Contract artist

Rank by surname, regardless of order

Hu Shengnan

Dr. Lude percussion, under Professor Li Biao of Berlin Conservatory of music, Professor Rainer Seege...

Li Lin

He is an associate professor of percussion music and deputy director of art practice department of c...

Lin Weidong

He has studied piano since childhood for ten years, and then he has been engaged in percussion studi...

Liu Yang

Liu Yang is associate professor of trombone, master's tutor and director of brass pipe teaching ...

Chen sixu

At present, he is the teacher and director of Marching Percussion Music in the Department of marchin...

Zhao Xin

Famous young trombone player in China. Former chief trombone of China Philharmonic Orchestra; visiti...

Han Zhihua

He is the director of China Wind Music Association, vice president of China big pipe Association, na...

Li lansong

Basong, Professor of the Central Conservatory of music, doctoral supervisor, deputy director of the ...

Liu Shibo

Basong teacher, military music major, music department, PLA Academy of Arts, senior academy rank, na...

Liu Zhaolu

He is the director of the orchestra Department of Shanghai Conservatory of music, vice president of ...

Song Shibin

He is the assistant director of the orchestral Department of Sichuan Conservatory of music, associat...

Wang Kexin

Director and associate professor of art training center of all China Federation of trade unions, and...

Yang Rong

Professor Ba song, Professor of orchestral Department of Sichuan Conservatory of music, vice preside...

Zhang Jinmin

Professor Basong, director of wood Management Department of Yang Xiutao Conservatory of music, Natio...

Feng Jicheng

Professor Basong of Xi'an Conservatory of music, master tutor, vice president of China bassoon s...

Yin Fei

Contemporary Chinese young percussion player, young teacher of Central Conservatory of music. He is ...

Lin Zhe

In October 2007, she was admitted to Stuttgart University of music and performing arts. In 2008, she...


Tony was born in bernaguasil, Valencia. He teaches in Valencia, Madrid and Rotterdam in the Netherla...

Zhang Qi

Director of percussion Association of ChinaSpokesperson for marching drum stick of play wood, JapanD...

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Drum concert in Anding square

At 5:00 p.m. on the 10th, Anding square was particularly lively. One of the "colorful summer&qu...

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The press conference on the establishment of DCA was held in Baodi, Tianjin

Press conference on the establishment of DCA was held in Baodi, TianjinOn January 11, 2019, the pres...

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The annual meeting of Beijing Conservatory of music was held in China in 2015

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the wind instrument society of the C...

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The meeting of the president of the Wind Music Association of China was held in Guangzhou

The meeting of the president of the Wind Music Association of China was held in Guangzhou on Novembe...

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15 Chinese and foreign orchestras play marching music on the streets of Chengde

At about 10:00 a.m. The procession starts from the intersection of xiaorehe square, WuLie Road, and ...

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A band supported by great love

Sixty four sun tanned freshmen and sophomores of senior high school, wearing beautiful team uniforms...