Hu Shengnan

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He studied percussion with Jin Jiguang, Liu Guangsi, Jiao Shanlin and Zhao Ji, and was admitted to the Western Percussion major attached to the Central Conservatory of music in 1996. He was admitted to Graz National University of music and Performing Arts in 2002. He obtained his bachelor's degree with the highest score in 2007 and won the highest national scholarship awarded by the Austrian government. In the same year, he was admitted to the "Hans Eisler" National Conservatory of music in Berlin, Germany. Under the guidance of percussion player Li Biao, chief Rainer Seegers of Berlin Philharmonic timpani and Franz schindlbeck, chief voice Department of Berlin Philharmonic percussion, he studied for master's degree and doctor's degree. He was awarded a special scholarship for "inheritors of international artists" by the Berlin national cultural foundation.

Hu Shengnan has been invited by China Conservatory of music, Shenyang Conservatory of music and Sichuan Conservatory of music for many times and successfully held master classes and concerts.