15 Chinese and foreign orchestras play marching music on the streets of Chengde

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At about 10:00 a.m. The procession starts from the intersection of xiaorehe square, WuLie Road, and ends at the intersection of Shenghua Hotel, with a journey of about 1000 meters. The military band of the Beijing military region is at the forefront. The officers and soldiers of the military band, who had been inspected by more than 940 batches of heads of state, government and military delegation from more than 150 countries and regions, walked along Chengde street with a sonorous pace and became a beautiful scenery. After the tour, the Royal Guard of honor was performed. The actors dressed in Manchu costumes welcomed tourists from all over the world with the highest etiquette. Among the marching procession, the marching band from Zhongzhou Hanlin design school in South Korea is the most striking one. Their unique uniform, magnificent performance, exquisite and changeable procession and relaxed and dynamic performance leave a deep and beautiful impression on the audience in Chengde.

Wang Fengyu, from the band of marching flag of Haojiang middle school in Macao, told reporters that she was very happy to perform together with many high-level bands from all over the world and in China to exchange their performing arts. Chengde, as a famous tourist destination, many Macao citizens hope to come here to experience Chengde's scenic spots and historical sites and get in touch with friendly local conditions and customs. "Although it is our first time to participate in the performance, we are confident and fully prepared to strive for perfection in the performance."

According to the staff of Chengde Tourism Bureau, the number of marching performance teams is higher than that of last year, with more than 1000 members. Holding a marching performance is to let more tourists participate in the international tourism festival and let them feel the historical and modern atmosphere of Chengde