Yin Fei

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Young percussionist of China Central Academy of music. He is the director of percussion Professional Committee of China National Orchestra Society and executive director of China malimba Association. He is an expert in percussion performance evaluation of the culture and art talent center of the Ministry of culture, winner of Li Minxiong special award, gold award of chamber music group of the fifth Mandarin award, first prize of national percussion youth group in the 9th National Youth percussion competition, gold award of youth group of the first Chinese percussion competition, and winner of "future drum king" of the 14th Hong Kong Drum Festival. From 2003 to 2016, he studied in the Affiliated Middle School of Central Conservatory of music, undergraduate and graduate student. He studied under Professor Wang Jianhua, a famous percussion player and educator. In 2016, he obtained a master's degree and stayed in the university to teach.

Performance experience:

He has visited more than ten countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America, and participated in more than 20 major festivals at home and abroad. In recent years, Yin Fei has participated in more than 100 performances of solo, ensemble, Concerto and so on. He is an outstanding young performer active on the percussion stage in China.