Drum concert in Anding square

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At 5:00 p.m. on the 10th, Anding square was particularly lively. One of the "colorful summer" theme activities jointly organized by the municipal civilization office and the Municipal Women's Federation was staged here.

Along with the children's passionate drum performance, more than 10 pieces of music such as childhood, Turkish March, smart rest, singing and smile have been played successively, attracting many citizens to watch.

Play drum, children enjoy it.

Zhang Yi, 11, said he liked the feeling of drumming. He took part in the school's drum interest group and performed on Rugao's "one meeting and two festivals" stage. Gu Hao does not practice drum for a long time, but he has mastered all kinds of hitting skills. He said that he likes music very much. In the past, he practiced the piano. The piano gives people the feeling of calmness and quietness, while the drum set makes people enthusiastic and unrestrained. The two just complement each other.

Drum drum, also known as jazz drum, originated in the United States, is a set of combined percussion instruments based on drum, which is widely used in modern music. The concert aims to make more teenagers know drum and feel the classical and popular jazz.