The annual meeting of Beijing Conservatory of music was held in China in 2015

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On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the wind instrument society of the China Conservatory of music, the 2015 annual meeting was held in Beijing on December 21. Han Xin'an, secretary general and Party Secretary General of the Chinese Musicians Association; Wang Hong, member of the Party group and Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Musicians Association; Zou Rui, head of the PLA military band; Wang Zengqiang, political commissar; Cheng Daming, artistic director; Chen Dan, artistic director of the general political opera troupe; responsible comrades of the education commissions of Beijing and Qingdao; and leaders of the navy military band and the armed police band. The leading group, senior consultants, directors, member representatives and representatives of Wind Orchestra of the association attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Han Guoliang, vice president of the society. On behalf of the society, Yu Hai, chairman of the society, made a report on the work summary in 2014 and the work arrangement in 2015. Sun Minghong, vice president of the society, read out the decision on awarding Mr. Luo Lang the "outstanding contribution award" of Chinese wind music; Li Yan, director of the sports, health and Art Department of Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau, introduced the holding of the Golden Bell Award for wind music. Zou Rui, head of the PLA military band, and Han Xin'an, secretary general and Wang Hong, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Music Association, spoke respectively.

In his report, president Yu Hai first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Chinese musicians' Association, all walks of life in the society and all colleagues in the wind music circle who have given care, help and strong support in all aspects since the foundation of the society for ten years. In summing up the work of the society in 2014, he pointed out: in 2014, the society took vigorously promoting and promoting the continuous development and improvement of wind music art in China as its own responsibility, actively worked, explored and innovated, organized and carried out the national wind music exhibition and exchange competition; strengthened the basic work of teacher backbone training, consolidated and promoted the organizational construction, played the role of various wind music organizations, and participated in the school wind music art We have done a lot of effective work in education and promoting the development of wind music art all over the country. We have played our own role better and made a new important contribution to the development and progress of wind music art in China. It has been fully affirmed and praised by the China Federation of literary and art circles and the China Music Association, and has been widely praised by the orchestra colleagues and all walks of life.

President Yu Hai pointed out: while fully affirming our achievements, we should also see that there is still a gap between the overall development level of China's wind music art and the international level. There is still a long way to go for the society and its colleagues, and many work needs to be strengthened. In 2015, we must have a stronger sense of responsibility and a proactive attitude, open up and innovate, redouble our work, and strive to promote the continuous progress and improvement of China's wind pipe art.

In his report, president Yu Hai put forward the following suggestions on the work of the society in 2015:

1、 We will continue to run national wind arts festivals and performance competitions with high quality. In May and August 2015, the society, together with the Shanghai municipal government and the Qingdao municipal government, will hold "Shanghai wind Festival and the 9th China non professional excellent wind orchestra team (symphony and marching)" and "China Music Little Golden Bell Award - the fourth China wind cup solo performance of primary and secondary school students". We should sum up experience, innovate constantly, organize meticulously, and do these two activities with important influence in the whole country better and better.

2、 We should strengthen the training of wind music, strive to increase the number of teachers and improve the quality. It has been decided to jointly host the "marching wind instrument teacher training course" in Tianjin Baodi and Tianjin Jinbao musical instrument Co., Ltd. in January 2015. After that, we will also hold 3-5 training courses for wind band conductor and performance teachers with relevant units. It is necessary to strengthen teacher training to promote the popularization and improvement of wind music.

3、 To carry out the assessment and certification of wind music teachers. In order to standardize the teaching staff and promote the orderly development of wind music art, the society, in accordance with the requirements of relevant education committees and local wind music societies, plans to start to formulate the identification standards and assessment and certification of wind music teachers in 2015, so as to improve the teaching ability of teachers and purify the teaching staff.

4、 We will strengthen publicity and network construction, promote the theoretical research of wind music, and constantly promote the healthy development of wind music art. In June 2015, we will hold a competition on the theory of wind music, and at the same time, we will write and publish wind music books.

5、 We should actively promote the creation of wind music and promote the nationalization of wind music art. Through the active promotion of the society, symphonic orchestral works have been included in the National Award Scheme. The Ministry of culture of the people's Republic of China has issued the regulations for the ninth national music works (Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra). In March 2015, we should actively carry out publicity, mobilization, registration, evaluation and other work.

6、 Strengthen international exchanges and organize international exchange competitions. We should give full play to the resources of the society, strengthen the work of "going out and inviting in", and constantly promote the integration of Chinese wind music art with international standards. The international Trombone Biesse will be held in August 2015.

7、 Take the initiative to carry out communication and liaison work with governments and all walks of life, and strive for more support and help. We should try our best to complete the work of art education in schools as assigned by the government. We should strengthen the support and cooperation with local wind and music societies, and do a good job in the development and service of the society.

At the meeting, vice president sun Minghong read out the decision on awarding Mr. Luo Lang the "outstanding contribution award of Chinese wind pipe music". In order to recognize the outstanding contributions made by the older generation of wind music artists to the Chinese wind music art, carry forward their spirit of unremitting struggle for the development of China's wind music industry, and encourage the fans of wind music artists in China to make unremitting efforts for the development of Chinese wind music art. The wind instrument society of China Association of music decided to award Mr. Luo Lang with "outstanding contribution award of Chinese wind music". Mr. Luo Lang is the main founder, pioneer and contemporary outstanding composer, musician and conductor. Over the past 70 years, Mr. Luo Lang has made great contributions to the Chinese wind music art through his hard work, pioneering and innovative spirit.