The meeting of the president of the Wind Music Association of China was held in Guangzhou

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The meeting of the president of the Wind Music Association of China was held in Guangzhou on November 29 and 30, 2014. President Yu Hai, vice chairman Zhao Ruilin, sun Minghong, Jiang Siwen, Zhu Hancheng, Wei Huang, Xi Weilong, chairman of the theoretical research association of the society Chen Jianhua, executive vice president of the Association for marching of the society Rong Aiguo, and deputy director of the Secretariat Office of the society Li Yu attended the meeting. The meeting heard and discussed the "report on 2014 work summary and 2015 work plan" made by president Yu Hai, and studied the holding of the annual meeting of the society and the commendation of the directors of the highly respected old Wind Music Artists Association. The meeting decided to add Zhang Jinghua, deputy director of Beijing Youth Activity Management Center, as Deputy Secretary General of the society. The leaders of the society also visited and inspected the wind orchestras of primary and secondary school students in Guangzhou and Foshan, and held a discussion with the wind music teachers in Guangzhou.

The meeting held that under the leadership and help of the Chinese Musicians Association, with the support and cooperation of wind band colleagues, all walks of life and local wind music societies, and wind music organizations, the society, in the middle of 2014, took vigorously promoting and promoting the continuous development and improvement of China's wind music art as its own duty, actively worked, explored and innovated, organized national wind music performance exchange competitions, and strengthened the training of backbone teachers Training and other basic work, consolidate and promote the organizational construction, give play to the role of various wind music organizations, participate in the school wind music art education and promote the development of wind music art in various areas. They have done a lot of effective work, played their own role better, and made new important contributions to the development and progress of the national wind music art. It has been fully affirmed and praised by the China Federation of literary and art circles and the China Music Association, and has been widely praised by the orchestra colleagues and all walks of life.

Comrades attending the meeting pointed out that while fully affirming our achievements, we should also see that the overall development level of wind music art in China still lags behind the international level. There is still a long way to go for the society and its colleagues, and much work needs to be strengthened. In 2015, we must have a stronger sense of responsibility and a proactive attitude, open up and innovate, redouble our work, and strive to promote the continuous progress and improvement of China's wind pipe art.