Liu Yang

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Liu Yang is associate professor of trombone, master's tutor and director of brass pipe teaching and Research Office of Central Conservatory of music; chief of China Symphony Orchestra; vice president of China Trombone and tuba Federation; and the only trombone performer representative of CCTV's "glorious blooming ten wind musicians concert".

He was admitted to the Central Conservatory of music in 1997. In 2000, he was admitted to the salbliken Conservatory of music as a professional graduate student of trombone, and obtained a master's degree in 2004 and the highest degree of instrumental music above master's degree in 2006. During his stay in Germany, he was invited to serve by professional orchestras such as "German National Youth Symphony Orchestra", "salbrecken Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra", "Bremen Chamber Orchestra" and "Manheim Chamber Orchestra" In 2005, he became the first Chinese trombone player to obtain a tenure in a European orchestra. In 2006, he returned to China to teach at the Central Conservatory of music, and has been the guest trombone chief at the invitation of "China National Symphony Orchestra".

Liu Yang, together with Professor Zhao Ruilin, summarized and edited the trombone collection in 2008; in 2012, he wrote and published two trombone textbooks, namely, the famous teacher teaches you to learn trombone, the trombone Quartet of trombone ensemble, and the solo CD "trombone trend". In June 2013, at the invitation of CCTV, he participated in the "glorious blooming concert of China's top ten wind pipe musicians", which was broadcast live on CCTV music station.

Liu Yang has made great achievements in his teaching. His students won the first prize in the bronze pipe competition in 2010 and 2013. The graduates were selected by the National Symphony Orchestra of China, China Philharmonic Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, China Opera and dance theater. He has been invited to China Conservatory of music, Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of music, Tianjin Conservatory of music, Shenyang Conservatory of music, Wuhan Conservatory of music, Shenzhen Art School, Nanjing art school, Sichuan Conservatory of music. As one of the outstanding young trombone players active in the world music stage, Liu Yang hopes to make his own contribution to the teaching and performance of trombone and brass chamber music in China.