Liu Bing

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He is a master of trombone in Belgium; associate professor of trombone and tuba in orchestral Department of Shenyang Conservatory of music; director of brass pipe teaching and research section; vice president of China Trombone and tuba Federation; visiting professor of Canadian Royal Robin College; visiting professor of Yunnan Art Institute; guest chief of Liaoning Symphony Orchestra (2007-2017); wind art director of Shenyang Symphony Orchestra; guest of St. Michel Symphony Orchestra of Belgium Chief Executive (2003-2005). Chief trombone of Richmond City Symphony Orchestra of Canada; guest chief trombone of Vancouver Chinese Symphony Orchestra of Canada; founder of Liaoning brass Orchestra; founder of Shenyang bass brass Chamber Orchestra. He is a member of the tutor group of the Asian brass music festival; he is a French artist of buffiguto; a spokesman of the German trombone; a Chinese Jinbao artist; a Chinese Sloman artist; a British denisville artist; and a trombone world? Artist