Cultural Activity

Tianjin Jinbao musical instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, and the Party branch of Jinbao musical instrument was also established. It was reformed in 1998. In 2016, the annual sales reached 460 million yuan, and the tax paid exceeded 60 million yuan. At present, the production and marketing scale of percussion instruments ranks first in the world and that of wind instruments ranks second in the world. It is the largest manufacturer of percussion instruments and wind instruments in China. The company has more than 1600 employees, the main products are percussion instruments, national percussion instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, musical instrument brackets, musical instrument bags and other six series of more than 400 varieties. The products are sold to all provinces, autonomous regions and more than 90 countries and regions, especially designated by the central military band as national large-scale celebration activities and foreign aid designated musical instruments. Jinbao's products are used in the celebration of 35th anniversary and 50th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the 2008 Olympic Games, the opening ceremony of the 11th Asian Games, the joint anti-terrorism military exercise of SCO member states in "peace mission 2014", and the military parade commemorating the victory of the anti fascist war for 70 weeks.

At present, the company has more than 400 patents, of which Jinbao series of independent brand trademarks are registered in 36 countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Russia, etc. "Jinbao" trademark was named "China famous trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. In 2011, it was named "intellectual property demonstration unit" by the State Intellectual Property Office; it was awarded "national cultural industry demonstration base" by the Ministry of culture; and "cultural industry export demonstration base" by the Ministry of Commerce. In 2013, it was awarded "Tianjin May 1st Labor Award" by Tianjin Federation of trade unions.

Looking back on the development process of Jinbao musical instrument, we think that it is mainly due to the company's attention to the party building work of the enterprise over the years, especially the prosperity of the party construction work in recent years, which has promoted the enterprise to embark on the fast track of development and growth. The party building work in Jinbao has also been guided many times by the leaders of the municipal and district governments, and has been personally guided by Comrade Liu Yunshan, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. Through years of work, we have established the "four integration and four promotion" working method. The party building work has really become an important part of the enterprise value chain and achieved good results. Our specific measures are as follows:

Integrate into management and promote scientific decision-making of enterprises. In order to make the company's Party organizations give full play to the role of grassroots fighting fortress. In the process of carrying out party building work, we pay attention to Selecting Party members with strong sense of the overall situation, Party building and economic cooperation and trust of the board of directors to join the general Party branch and the core management of the company, so as to realize the two-way appointment of the Party branch and the management. The in-depth integration of the Party branch and the company's core management enables the company to absorb more objective and extensive rationalization suggestions in the process of making major decision-making affairs such as strategic planning, development goals and action plans, so as to provide a solid foundation for the rationality and scientificity of decision-making. At present, the Secretary of the general Party branch of Jinbao company is also the deputy general manager. The proportion of Party members in the board of directors, managers and board of supervisors is 50%, and 80% of factory directors are party members.

At the same time, we insist on letting party members grow into talents in the front line of production and management and key posts. We should give full play to the leading role of Party members and focus on tracking and training. The general Party branch also carries out activities in various forms to develop the relationship between the party and the masses, and build a solid foundation for the development of the Party branch. In the specific work, we focus on extending the party building work to the trade union, the Communist Youth League and the women's Federation, and gather the workers around the party and mass organizations to jointly contribute to the development of the enterprise. For example, through organizing activities such as "I offer a plan for the enterprise", setting up mailbox of chairman and general manager, hotline, etc., it can fully absorb the wisdom of employees and provide reference for enterprise decision-making.

Integrate strength to promote the healthy development of enterprises. The party organization of the company takes the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members as the working foothold, and realizes the responsibility and action of the party organization. To guide Party members in their work, we should make sure that "business technology is first, production and management is first, urgency and danger are first, dedication and innovation are first, and staff are promoted to do first". In addition, activities such as "wearing a chest card to show identity", "I offer a plan for the enterprise", "sunshine helping workers in difficulty", "swearing for new party members" and "selection of Party members' demonstration posts" are widely carried out among party members, so as to agglomerate party members and drive employees with positive activities, so as to form a driving force for the development of enterprises.

Integrate ideas to promote the harmony between labor and capital. In the process of carrying out the work, the branch pays attention to the mass line, goes deep into the masses, understands the problems, and actively resolves the disharmonious factors, so as to make the employees have heart to heart talks when they have ideological lumps, have conflicts and disputes, and have dissatisfaction with each other. Through communication and persuasion, they can resolve their heart knot and contradiction and create a harmonious working atmosphere. The party organization actively promotes the company to establish a consultation mechanism for factory affairs, so as to ensure that labor remuneration, working hours, insurance and welfare, rest and vacation must be agreed, so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all parties. At present, the signing rate of labor contract, the rate of employee insurance and the rate of full payment of wages are all 100%. In the aspect of caring for employees, the branch carries out the "five must be there" activity: when employees get married, when they get sick, when they are sick, when they are in difficulties, when their parents are celebrating their birthday, when their family members are dead, they must go home to express their sympathy. Through these activities, the relationship between the party organization and the staff and workers can be closer, and the harmony inside and outside the enterprise can be realized.

Integrate ideas and promote corporate culture. The Party branch takes the construction of enterprise culture as the strength to condense the spirit of employees and the focus of enhancing the soft power of enterprise competition. Pay attention to the thought of Party members in the work